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1822 John's Drive
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Aprilaire 1510 Air Cleaner

 Aprilaire—delivering improved comfort to your home and family

 Aprilaire has spent nearly 40 years perfecting its line of industry-leading products to help make sure your indoor air is as clean and comfortable as it can possibly be.

 Whether you want standard air cleaning functionality, or you want 98% effectiveness at removing particles as small as one micron—that’s 1/100th the diameter of a human hair—Aprilaire has the solution that’s right for you.

 All of our products work silently as they permanently trap particles. Pure, clean air is then delivered through your heating and cooling system to every room in your home

 Performance and peace of mind.

 Our easy-to-install, high-performance filters only need to be replaced once every year. Plus, all of our air cleaners come with a five-year warranty and a 10-year clean coil guarantee for your cooling system.*

 With Aprilaire, both you and your family will feel good inside.

 One of the many advantages of an Aprilaire air cleaner is the ability for you to control when and how it works.

 Most whole-home air cleaners work only when your heating or cooling system is running. But what if you’re vacuuming and kicking up extra dust? What if it’s allergy season, and you and your family are constantly sneezing?

 There are special day-to-day situations that make the need for air cleaning more urgent. That’s why we offer an Aprilaire Event-Based Air Cleaning Thermostat. It allows you to manage your air cleaner with a simple-to-use control that’s conveniently located in your living space. Whether you want it to clean for a quick three-hour cycle or you want it to run continuously, you can set your thermostat to meet your specific air cleaning needs.

 Clean coil guarantee.

 Aprilaire air cleaners are so effective at removing particles and contaminants that are harmful to your family and your HVAC equipment, we offer you this guarantee: Should your new indoor air conditioning coil require professional cleaning in the next 10 years while properly using an Aprilaire Air Cleaner, we will pay $100 toward the cost of having the indoor coil cleaned by a licensed contractor.


For more details, visit www.aprilaire.com.