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4 Key Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

Key Furnace Tips for Winter

Winter is in full force and as temperatures slip into the single digits it is important to be on top of your furnace and its maintenance to ensure your system is functioning at optimal levels this season. We have a few tips to keep your furnace at its best.


Dust and Vacuum

Furnaces, over time, collect dust and debris which can cause strain on your heating system. The additional strain on parts can result in costly repairs or your furnace to not function at its fullest potential. To remove dust, one must be very gentle as you do not want to damage any of the furnace’s interior. Use a small brush to gently wipe the dust off and then vacuum up the fallen debris.


Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is a bent metal rod that is usually in front of the flame in your furnace. It confirms to the system that the gas valve is open and a flame is present. Carbon buildups on the sensor rod can inhibit your furnace from working. To clean the sensor rod, we recommend using steel wool or an emery cloth and gently rubbing down any of the buildup. For more detailed instructions or help, give us a call.


Air Filters

Regularly replacing the air filters in your furnace will help you lower utility bills, save energy, and improve your home’s air quality and air flow. We recommend exploring your options when it comes to the type of air filters you use. Upgrading your filters can mean improved air flow and decrease your energy bill significantly, which is always an added perk!


Consider A Professional

Although there are plenty of DIY instruction videos online, if you do not feel comfortable taking apart your furnace for any of these maintenance tips, we highly recommend having a professional take a look. If you do take on maintenance challenges, yourself, it is imperative you take mandatory safety precautions when doing so to avoid any accidents.

Give the professionals a call at (847) 729-9190 as we are happy to consult further on your furnaces maintenance this winter.


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