GV's Heating & Cooling

Air Quality

We diagnose problems and find solutions.

To ensure we recommend the best heating and cooling solution we first test your equipment. We determine the effectiveness of your current machines, diagnose the problems, and offer maintenance solutions before declaring the necessity for new equipment. 

Problem Analysis

The first step to providing a solution is understanding the problem. As a home owner, you know when your air or heat isn't working, but buying a new furnace or air conditioner isn't always the answer. We're able to determine whether the problem is caused by a filtration problem, duct malfunctions, general installation issues or a variety of other common problems.  

We are a family business, looking out for your family. Let us get to the root of the problem and fix it so your family can enjoy your home comfortably. 


Performance Efficiency

System Efficiency Ratio (SER) is used to analyze the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment. If there were no faults in the the machinery it would be rated 100%. We use this industry standard mechanism, and based upon the results we're trained to offer solutions to increase your rating. The SER analysis combined with comfort system analysis also known as  HeatMaxx and CoolMaxx reports offer a preliminary rating of your heating and cooling system's level of performance.

These reports are inexpensive relative to potential energy savings. When all the components of your system are properly designed, installed, tested and finely tuned, they will work better together to insure peak system performance resulting in lower utility bills and increased comfort.

Air Diagnostics

Most companies are in business to simply fix or replace heating and cooling equipment. However, we analyze the entire system and are qualified to test, diagnose, and repair your ducts and equipment to ensure better quality air. In order to improve the air quality we can take any of the following steps including sealing ductwork, adding registers and return grilles, resizing your ductwork, resizing your equipment, replacing damaged or restricted ducts and so forth. 

The end result of our diagnostic efforts include:

  • Even temperatures across all rooms
  • Carbon monoxide free
  • Clean, healthy, fresh air
  • Humidity control
  • Real energy savings


Your vacation getaway is waiting.

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