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1822 John's Drive
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Avoid Costly and Inconvenient Breakdowns Through Preventive Maintenance.

On a 90 degree day, it's terrible if your air-conditioner breaks down. And if your furnace quits on you during a typical Chicago January (with the exclusion of 2012), it can not only be ffffreezing, but dangerous as well. And then there's the expense of breakdowns. See if you're in the safety zone. Take the following maintenance related quiz:

True or False:

The cost and inconvenience of most breakdowns can be avoided with proper maintenance.

True or False: Every equipment manufacturer recommends annual maintenance to ensure proper operation.
True or False: Every ten minutes that your gas furnace runs it unleashes the equivalent energy of 3.5 sticks of dynamite.
True or False: If you drove your car for as many hours as a typical furnace runs, your car would have had enough time to drive almost 100,000 miles.

 All of the above statements are true, which is why GV's Heating & Cooling puts an emphasis on annual preventative maintenance, which is included as part of our money-saving, "Comfort Care" Program.

The precision GV tune-up specialist who maintains your equipment will thoroughly check it for safety and operational efficiency, tune it up for maximum fuel efficiency, and inspect if for potential faults. This saves you money by reducing your fuel bill, avoiding costs and potentially dangerous breakdowns, and by prolonging the life of your equipment. Our summers and winters can be tough. GV's maintenance makes avoiding problems easy. Click here to learn more about cost-saving Comfort Care Program Details.