About Us

About Us

Your Oasis for Fresh Air Since 1990

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WELCOME TO THE GV’S Heating and Cooling FAMILY!

In 1970, Greg Vickers started working in the HVAC industry for a local company on the North Shore. He began working in the service and installation field and recognized a need for an HVAC company that focuses on home air quality and provides a familial company culture.

In 1990, GV’S Heating and Cooling started in Greg and Pam Vickers home in Glenview and grew to employ Service Technicians, Installers, a Sales Manager, Operations Manager, and an Office Manager. Greg and Pam Vickers started GV’S Heating and Cooling to meet the needs of families on the North Shore. Our company welcomes and embraces innovative technology, thinkers, and doers that share values of Respect, Heart-felt Caring, Integrity, and Passion. These same values are driven by our innovative technology, relationships with our customers, and our objectives of Health, Safety, Comfort, and Efficiency.

Our company is always seeking new opportunities to improve the business, change is embraced and is in the fabric of GV’s Heating and Cooling, and we welcome it in the installation and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, home comfort systems, and indoor air quality. We have listened to our customers, changed our outlook, and reframed our business model on providing an “Oasis for Fresh Air.” Our promise is to provide a home that reminds our customers of their favorite vacation spot, a sanctuary, and a home that provides exceptional air quality. That is our promise to our customers.

We not only drive our values in our business model, but we welcome our values in our company culture. This is how we have created a familial atmosphere.


Greg & Pam Vickers