AC Service In Glenview, IL

AC Service In Glenview, South Barrington, Lincolnshire, IL, And Surrounding Areas

Do you know your air conditioning system requires thorough servicing at least once a year? Regular servicing of your air conditioner assures your system operates efficiently and provides you with better air quality and the environment you deserve.

GV’S Heating and Cooling is one of the best AC service providers in Glenview, South Barrington, Lincolnshire, IL, and surrounding areas. We have skilled professionals trained to take the right approaches to various difficulties, work with clients to provide professional solutions and work with customers for their utmost satisfaction. Contact us today at (847) 729-9190 or send us an email to learn more about our service and great deals.

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What Is Done During AC Servicing?

While serving an AC, technicians perform thorough inspections to keep your cooling system functioning. Our team will take care of the following:

  • Cleaning air filters: Air filters accumulate dirt and dust during operation. During AC servicing, air filters are cleaned thoroughly to process purified air.
  • Cleaning evaporator coil and condenser coil: Our technicians clean the dust particles from the condenser coil and evaporator coil, and other fundamental components of the system while servicing an AC.
  • Check any leakages and clean drainage: During AC servicing, our technicians check if there is any leakage in the cooling system and seals them if there is any. They also clean the drainage system and every pipe or tube inside the air conditioner.
  • Comprehensive inspection: During AC service, our technicians analyze the main components of the air conditioner for any faults. If there are any defects, the technician will inform you and recommend necessary procedures.

GV’S Heating and Cooling will help fix any problems found while servicing your air conditioning unit and get it working smoothly again. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our AC service in Glenview, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Timely Service

When air conditioners are kept in a certain place for a long time, it is normal for them to accumulate dirt and debris during operations. Dirt and debris disturb its system from working appropriately. Here are some benefits of regular AC servicing:

  1. Consistent service and check-ups of your air conditioning system assure you that the mechanism is working properly.
  2. Prompt servicing will allow you to timely check your cooling system’s internal conditions.
  3. Helps to avoid breakage, which may result in high repair costs as regular servicing finds possible issues before they spread into bigger complications.
  4. Cleans the dust and dirt that were piled inside the system.
  5. Serviced air conditioning system provides fresher air and better environment, and less energy cost.

GV’S Heating and Cooling provides you with certified technicians who will guide you through the benefits of servicing, fix your system, and work with your schedule to provide quality service.

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We have been providing AC service, maintenance, and repairs since 1990 in Glenview, South Barrington, Lincolnshire, IL, and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians deliver the best services, and your satisfaction is our top priority. To schedule a service, leave a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages or contact our representatives for a quick response.

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