Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh During Cold Winter Months

Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh During Cold Winter Months

When snow and dropping temperatures come around, we Midwesterners do our best to keep our homes closed tightly to keep the warm air in. The thrill of being cozy is replaced by the realization that, in our efforts to keep the cold air out, the air inside our home is becoming a bit dry and stale. Our noses aren’t necessarily reliable indicators of indoor air quality but we can certainly notice our skin feeling dry, our noses running, and our throats getting itchy. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these winter air issues to keep our indoor environment fresher throughout the cold months.

The most efficient way to increase the amount of fresh air in your home is with a whole-home air filtration system. One example of a whole-house air purifying system is the Perfect 16 from IQAir. This product includes high-performance, high-quality filters and provides excellent coverage for your entire home. The Perfect 16 is named for its perfect MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating of 16 and has the highest efficiency for filtering contaminants from the air inside your home. It removes airborne contaminants such as bacteria, dust, pollen, and other allergens and is retrofitted into existing HVAC systems.

Whole-house air purifying systems tackle air quality throughout your home can be incorporated into most HVAC systems, and are available in a number of price ranges and sizes. The limitations of your existing HVAC system will impact the functionality of a whole-house purifier so have your HVAC professional help you understand the best options for your situation.

Another way to ensure the air in your home is as fresh as possible when things are buttoned up for the winter months is to keep up with regular maintenance and filter replacement. Having your system inspected by a qualified HVAC technician on a regular basis not only helps maintain a safe and clean home but also helps ensure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible. Changing out your air filters regularly, if not more frequently than other times of the year, will minimize the amount of dust and other contaminants floating around inside your home.

It is also important to ventilate your home year-round. Especially on sunny days, no matter how cold, brave the elements for just a few minutes and crack a couple of windows to create a cross-draft. Or leave the door open just a bit longer as you are letting Fido in or out of the house to chase those pesky squirrels. If you enjoy a cooler environment while you sleep, you might also consider closing your bedroom door and cracking open a window to circulate fresh air. On a side note, winter is also an important time to use those vent fans in the bathrooms and over the stovetop to avoid condensation issues in your home.

There are other, non-HVAC strategies to help you through the winter months. Cultivate a small collection of houseplants for a natural source of oxygen inside your home. Drink lots of water to help keep your skin hydrated and go easy on the hot water for showers and baths. Use air and fabric fresheners to keep upholstery and rooms free from odors. A vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter will also help collect tiny particles so they are not recirculated in the air.

For almost 30 years, the HVAC experts at GV’S Heating and Cooling have been helping families in Glenview and Chicago North Shore areas keep their systems running efficiently and their homes snug and warm during the cold winter months. To schedule a routine HVAC maintenance visit, learn more about the Perfect 16 from IQAir, or for any of your HVAC needs, contact us today!