Tips & Tricks To Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter Season

Tips & Tricks To Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter Season

The weather has shown no mercy this winter and as much as we love coming home to a warm cozy home we also have to keep in mind our heat bill. Here at GV’S Heating and Cooling, we don’t think you should have to make the sacrifice. Our team has compiled some of our little tips and tricks to keep your home warm so you don’t have to break the bank:

Put a Rug Down

Uninsulated floorboards, granite, and tile flooring can be freezing cold to walk on in the winter. It may be an obvious tip, but laying rugs down can help trap heat but also keep your feet warm while standing in a certain area, such as the kitchen.

Close your Curtains

We live in Illinois, not sunny Arizona. Keeping your curtains open when the sun is out illuminates and will warm up your room. However, leaving them open, especially once the sun goes down is an easy way to block out the cold. If your curtains are thin, consider covering your windows with a blanket.

Closing the Door

When you’re not in a room, close the door. Leaving all of your doors open then the warm air flows throughout the entirety of your home. By closing the doors, you “trap” the heat inside of the room. In turn, you are keeping the hot air then centralized to the room that you plan on using.

Close Up the Fireplace

Nothing is more satisfying than lighting a fire in your fireplace during the winter. Afterward be sure to close the flue. Too many times we have seen customers make this common mistake when drawing up conclusions as to why there is a serious draft in their home.

Draft Stopper to the Rescue

Winds are howling and cold air can easily enter your home through the cracks in doors. A simple solution is purchasing a draft stopper. This simple décor is an added piece of insulation that will help shave some dollars off your bill.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

It is easy to raise the temps in our home to keep it nice and cozy. However, this may not be the most cost-effective method. By installing a smart thermostat not only can you monitor temperature from your phone but these devices can be programmed to lower at certain times of the day ensuring a significant drop in your heat bill.